Who’s Behind The New Caliber?


I’m Branden Mosley.

I don’t shoot every day, but you likely don’t either.

I’m new to the shooting world, and so are you.

Like me, you want to learn about firearms and shooting sports, but you don’t quite know where to start. There’s a huge wealth of knowledge, but it’s buried under heaps of opinion.

That’s where I can help you.

I cut through the opinion and technical jargon and give you straightforward, facts based education that builds from the ground up. There’s no assumption of firearms knowledge, no messy opinions to wade through. We learn together, because I have the same questions you do. I share my first-hand experience and knowledge with you as I gain it.

3 years ago, my passion for firearms exploded. I voraciously devoured all the knowledge I could find, but quickly realized something. Firearms folk are quite an opinionated lot. I spent the majority of my time browsing through forum after forum, reading opinion after opinion, searching for the answers to my questions, when, out of my frustration, an idea sprouted. What if there were a site where new shooters like myself could come for straight, easy to digest knowledge about shooting?

So I formed the New Caliber.

This site is for all of you budding shooters.


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